The first Webb telescope images are releasing on July 12th! See them here!

Building the Stars

Join Dr Olivia Jones, an astronomer specialising in dusty stars, as she looks ahead to the highly anticipated launch of the James Webb Space Telescope. Webb will observe infrared light from the Universe, so will be able to see things in space which are cooler or hidden in layers of dust, such as stars at the beginning and end of their lives. Hear how Dr Jones will use Webb to peer into dark patches of the night sky and explore in great detail stellar nurseries where new stars like the Sun and planets like the Earth are being born.

This online event is suitable for ages 12+.


Dr Olivia Jones is a Webb Fellow, based at the UK Astronomy Centre at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh. She received her PhD from the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics in 2013, and then worked at the Space Telescope Science Institute (the home to Hubble and Webb mission operations) prior to moving to Scotland.  She is an expert in infrared astronomy and researches the beginnings and ends of stellar evolution in nearby galaxies. She is currently a member of the Webb instrument team and will be supporting its launch, commissioning and first observations later this year.

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Diving through exoplanet atmospheres

The study of exoplanets, planets that orbit stars other than the Sun, is fascinating field of research in which the Webb telescope is expected to deliver many new discoveries.

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Galaxies: Past and Present

Join Dr Emma Curtis-Lake to hear how James Webb Space Telescope will act as a time machine, allowing us to peer into the early Universe to learn how galaxies first formed and how they evolved.

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