The first Webb telescope images are releasing on July 12th! See them here!

ESERO-UK Webb Primary Resources

European Space Education Resource Office (UK).

The James Webb Space Telescope will make observations of distant stars and planets. It is due to be launched on an Ariane 5 rocket in 2021 from French Guiana. It is a highly technical design which has taken many years to be designed and made. It has been an international collaboration involving North America, Canada and Europe.

This collection of resources are linked to the design challenges that were faced by the teams designing, testing and building the James Webb Space Telescope. They allow older primary children to explore these problems through working scientifically, D & T and mathematics investigations. The resources are:

This collection of resources have been provided by ESERO-UK

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Good luck Webb postcard!

Webb has already launched, but it needs all the luck it can get to successfully do its science in the harsh environment of space, send Webb your good thoughts with this colour in postcard!

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