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Moon Resources

Moon-themed resources, including the STFC "Borrow the Moon" scheme.

With 2019 bringing the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, this is an excellent time to be talking about the big science and engineering challenges that come with large-scale missions of this type, including the soon-to-launch James Webb Space Telescope. The telescope is even named after the NASA administrator who played a key role in getting humans to the Moon. Once launched, the Webb Telescope will be four times more distant than the Moon and will have to endure the same harsh space environment that the Apollo astronauts did fifty years ago.

On this page you can find: a Moon-themed educational resource for primary schools; a Moon-themed poster; a handy summary of key Apollo 11 moments and information on the STFCs Moon rock loan scheme

Apollo 11 – The Key Moments

Provided by the National Space Centre, this is a handy summary of the key Apollo 11 moments from the mission.

Hands on the Moon

Aimed at ages 7-11, this free educational resource pack provides everything you need to know about the Moon landings and the Moon itself. Hard copies of this resource pack can be ordered free of charge directly from STFC. Please be aware there may be a wait if demand is high.

Borrow the Moon

Did you know you can apply to borrow some of the rock samples brought back by humans from the Moon?

The Science and Technology facilities Council (STFC) has six loan boxes available to schools for “Borrow the Moon” each containing the same types of meteorite and rock samples, investigation equipment, and guides. To find out more about the box contents please see here.

Hundreds of schools, colleges, universities, museums and astronomical societies throughout the UK have enjoyed the samples since the scheme began. The normal loan period is one school week: Monday to Friday. the loan scheme books up well in advance so please try to apply with at least four months notice of when you would like the loan box in your school.

For more information, including how to apply, please head here.

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Good luck Webb postcard!

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